High Efficiency Water Softener Services in San Antonio, TX

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Enjoy the good life with Entek® High Efficiency Premium Series Water Conditioners

Water Softeners - Safe Water in San Antonio, TX

Premium Series Water Conditioner With “Smart” Electronics For Greater Efficiency!


Features & benefits

  • “Smart” technology for greater efficiency
  • Uses up to 50% less salt!
  • Custom brine tank indicates salt level
  • Audible “add salt” alarm
  • 10% cross-linked resin for greater capacity
  • Designer tanks with decorative tank collars*
  • 1” valve porting for high flow rates.
  • By-pass valve is included
  • Brine tanks come with overflow prevention
  • Components are USA made
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Limited Lifetime warranty!
*Decorative collars on 10” tanks only.
Premium Series systems are your best buy considering price and performance with our quality, USA manufactured components and limited lifetime warranty!
Models Softeners - Safe Water in San Antonio, TX